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Inspired Catering...
Inspired Catering...
by Tipically Inspired

Inspired Catering caters for events big and small. It can be part of an outdoor event booking - please see our event planning section for more details - or booked on its own.

Our aim is to be unique in all that we offer and there is no exception when it comes to food and drinks.

At Tipically Inspired we believe that the choice should be yours as much as possible and Inspired Catering reflects this belief by offering a varied and extensive range of dishes, allowing our customers to create their own bespoke menus and to get away from the norm of set menus.

Decision making made easy for you

Do you have dietary restrictions we have not accommodated for on this page?
Is your favourite meal missing?
Spoilt for choice?
Unsure which wine will best complement your dishes?

Our catering team will be happy to advise you on mouth-watering combinations of food as well as wines that will fit your event, diet and your budget. Please get in touch to make arrangements for a phone call or a meeting with a member of the team.

Our food is freshly made by our award-winning chef Mark Hammond, who has 17 years of experience in catering and food production.

Browse through our different menu's and be inspired!

If catering is part of an event package, we will invite you to a complimentary Wine & Dine taster evening at The Royal Forester Inn. You will be able to sample your chosen meal and select from a range of different wines to be served during the event.

Food for thought

Sharing dishes - interactive and sociable!

Our sharing dishes are available as starters, main courses and desserts. On main courses, each table nominates a "Chef" who will be provided with an apron, a chef's toque and a carving set.
Your very own chef will serve the table with your choice of food.

Are you a cheese lover?

We can make your dream come true and organise a cheesecake - and by that we mean a cake made entirely out of cheese!
Naturally, we can also offer a range of delicious cheesecakes for the less daring event organiser.

Your bespoke menu!

Most of us have that one meal in mind that brings back special memories of a first date, an engagement meal, that romantic meal on the first holiday together or that fantastically crazy and unique feast on that retreat a few years ago.
If that is the case for you and you would like to make this meal part of your special day we are happy to re-create this moment by serving the same meal on your big day.

Food stations!

If the whole idea of selecting a specific meal for your event is a little overwhelming why don't you consider different food stations around the tipis? Our Sharing Dishes & Informal Food Options especially are just made for such an idea.